Even if a ranking can sometimes seem subjective, it is certain that the national and international recognition of the wines through the vintages and their constant prices are sure values on which to base a ranking. You will find here a top 10 of the most expensive Italian wines, made in no particular order but which we believe is quite representative of what is done on the other side of the Alps. Enjoy your reading...

The top 10 most expensive wines in Italy

Masseto - Tenuta dell’Ornellaia
Emblematic wine of the Tenuta dell'Ornellaia. This wine born in 1986 is a pure Merlot, which is often compared and especially called the "Italian Petrus". Having been awarded 100 points by Robert Parker over several vintages, this super-Tuscan wine is an indestructible of this type of classification.

Sassicaia - Tenuta San Guido
Both appellation and estate, Sassicaia is another super-Tuscan regularly appearing in the top Italian wines. Typically Bordeaux in its blend and winemaking methods, this wine is clearly a safe bet.

Barbaresco Sori San Lorenzo - Gaja
An essential reference of the appellation, a nebbiolo worthy of the greatest in Piemont. Its austerity in its youth and its ability to age for a long time make it a typical Italian wine. Its 98 points at R.Parker on the 2016 vintage attest to its greatness.

Amarone della Valpolicella Riserva - Giuseppe Quintarelli
Arguably the greatest producer of Amarone, Quintarelli Giuseppe has created a masterpiece that Robert Parker regularly ranks among the best Italian wines. Aged for several years before release, his Amarone is always of unparalleled finesse and refinement.

Barolo “Falletto Vigna Le Rocche” - Bruno Giacosa
Bruno Giacosa, who passed away in January 2018, was one of the greatest winemakers of this appellation and his name will forever be associated with Barolo. In the beginning, the estate bought the grapes and then in 1982, acquired the Falletto vineyard. This wine is often considered one of the best of its appellation, with notes that border on perfection. The nose is delicate with raspberry and rose petals; the wine is velvety in the mouth, sustained by a beautiful freshness. Elegance and finesse are the key words to describe this wine.

Recioto della Valpolicella Riserva - Romano Dal Forno
An exceptional wine produced only in great vintages. Recioto is a sweet wine withered on the vine and then dried in the cellar until February. Its concentration in sugar coupled with its balance of acidity and alcohol make it simply an unforgettable wine. Romano Dal Forno highlights this appellation in the most beautiful way with their vintage. Complex aromatic palette with notes of black cherry, chocolate and vanilla; the mouth is opulent. A smooth and refined wine.
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Barolo Riserva “Monfortino” - Giacomo Conterno
Certainly one of the most renowned Barolo wines. This wine is produced by Giacomo Conterno only in the best years, but it always gets near-perfect scores from the world's greatest experts. Purity and elegance, simply stratospheric. Wines with tannins and balance that will last for years.

Brunello di Montalcino - Biondi Santi
The history of the estate and the appellation are intimately linked, and many consider this estate to be the creator of the appellation. Now run by the sixth and seventh generations, Tenuta Greppo is without question a worthy representative of the appellation. The nose has subtle aromas of cherry and pepper, the palate shows fine and delicate tannins, always supported by a beautiful frame of freshness. One of the most beautiful expressions of Sangiovese in the heart of Tuscany.

Calvari Refosco - Minari
Compared to other wineries, the Minari estate has a recent history, since it all began in 1985. Very famous for the white wines it produces, it is with its Calvari cuvée made from the refosco grape variety that it makes its mark and ranks among the best and most renowned in Italy. Notes of black fruits, roasting and licorice, in the mouth the wine is dense with an aromatic richness. The finish is long and incredible: fullness.

Kupra - Oasi degli Angeli
If there is only one estate to remember in the Marche region, it is the one founded by Eleonora Rossi and Marco Casolanetti in 1997. Known for its Kurni vintage, a pure montepulciano, it is with its 100% grenache, the Kupra vintage that they make their mark. From old vines of more than 100 years, the grenache that is called "Bordo" here, shows a harmonious face. The palate is silky and delicate, with a fine finish. An expression of Grenache that ranks this wine among the best.

Italian wines that are gaining in value

The question is simple, but the answer is more complex. Two notions are essential and we must take them into account. First, the best Italian wines that increase in value are those that age best. By design, that is to say, the work of the winemakers both in the vineyard and in the cellar to produce quality wines by taking particular care and meticulousness to their wines. Secondly, the reputation. Linked to the first notion, the reputation of a wine, of a cuvée, of a winegrower, allows the wine to rise in the category of the wines that are gaining in value. Another notion, more profound, that only winemakers and experts in the wine world master and take into account when this question is asked, is the notion of terroir. Indeed, each wine produced in the world comes from a terroir and according to this terroir, the quality is different, better in some places than others. This notion, often forgotten when classifying any kind of wine, is decisive and it is not by chance that the above mentioned wines are in the place they are today.

Italian wines to put in your cellar

Very interesting question and various answers that take into account age. Take into account that the notion of cellaring is not the same for everyone. Some people think of aging their wines while others just talk about storing for 2-3 years. Younger generations tend to drink wines faster than their elders. The best thing is to know what type of consumer you are and how you like to drink your wines.

In general, and beyond the price, it is necessary to put in the cellar the wines whose structure is cut for the guard and ready to face the years, while following the recommendations of the wine grower and caviste. Regular monitoring and reading tasting notes in specialized magazines will help you make the right choices about when to open this or that bottle in your Ali Baba's cave. But as many wine lovers say and some in Latin... in vino veritas.

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