Since 1992 the Antolini brothers, Pier Paolo and Stefano, are taking care of the family owned vineyard, located in a hilly area at Marano in Valpolicella. Full of convictions and ideas, they decided in the 90s to become producers of Amarone. They finalised the construction of their own cellar in 2000 and produced, that year, their first vintage of the Amarone “Moropio”.

In a spirit of sustainability, traditions and terroirs, Antolini are producing great wines in a classical style, elegant and always well balanced at the image of their Corvina or Amarone “Moropio”.

In 2005, the first vintage of the Amarone « Ca’Coato » was obtained from the grapes of Antolini’s own vineyard in San Vito near Negrar. This cru has quickly obtained a great recognition from the wine critics and was granted 2 bicchieri rossi by the Gambero Rosso.

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Wines from Antolini