The consecration of Oristano Vernaccia nationally and internationally is mainly due to the creation in 1953 of the Cantina della Vernaccia, 4 km north of the town of Oristano located in west central Sardinia. Marking the transition between artisanal production, which did not allow to have a constant and uniform quality and organoleptic characteristics, and a production that combines traditional methods with modern techniques and equipment, the Cantina della Vernaccia was able to raise the wines in the region to a level of excellence such as the Corash or Terresinis which both received the blessing of the famous Gambero Rosso.

The wineries of the Cantina della Vernaccia include several small producers spread over the Sinis Peninsula, a fertile strip of land that extends between the pond of Cabras (Oristano to the west) and the sea. The soil is characterised by soils composed of sedimentary rocks, limestone and sandstone which give it a perfect balance. The climatic conditions are ideal with a Mediterranean climate tempered by the sea and the pond of Cabras located on either side of the estate. It is all of these features, like the passion and dedication that revolve around the mastering of the fermentation and winemaking process, that allows Cantina della Vernaccia to exist for over 60 years.

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