In the Priorat, there is only one king, René Barbier Senior. But there are several princes and princesses who have also made the region famous, including René Barbier Junior, the son of René Barbier Senior (Clos Mogador) and his wife Sara Pérez, the daughter of the winegrower Jose Luis Pérez Ovejero (Mas Martinet ).

This prince and princess, because we are talking here of a couple of young and talented oenologists, have both been trained within their respective families, by 2 of the greatest winemakers of Priorat and Spain in general. The result could only be splendid.

Through the many projects that the couple have undertaken over the last a decade, three domains and wines stand out from the others: Partida Pedrer and Partida Bellvisos in the Priorat, as well as Venus la Universal in Monsant with amongst others the delicious Dido. Although each expresses and promotes it’s original terroir in a singular way, there is a common feature among René Barbier Junior and Sara Pérez's projects: respect for the terroir, the application of artisanal and biological methods and the love of wine that can be felt through every bottle that this passionate couple produces.

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Wines from René and Sara