This is undoubtedly the most famous winery in Tuscany and the whole of Italy. What is the source of its fame? Its legendary wine, one of the most highly sought-after by wine enthusiasts and collectors: Sassicaia.

The story of Tenuta San Guido starts in 1940, when Mario Incisa della Rochetta, influenced by the great wines of Bordeaux so beloved by the Italian aristocracy, pursued the idea of creating his own purebred wine following the traditions of Bordeaux. After several experiments, it was with Cabernet Sauvignon that he decided to plant his equestrian estate near the village of Bolgheri, in the region known as the Maremma.At that time, this region - which was scarcely known for the quality of its grapes and wine - caught Mario’s attention, as he realised its strong resemblance to the terroir of the famous Graves region in Bordeaux.

Indeed, it was by drawing inspiration from this “gravel pit” which made up the ground of the estate that the name of Sassicaia (sasso = stone in Italian) was given to the wine which would be put on the market for the first time in 1968.After this year, which saw the marketing of Sassicaia, the winery and its wine would grow in renown until it reached an almost hallowed status, despite the fact that until 1994, Sassicaia was considered a table wine, as it veered outside the strict production rules for the wines of the region, which were supposed to be made up chiefly of Sangiovese.From that year on, it has been under the DOC Bolgheri appellation (DOC Bolgheri Sassicaia, to be precise) that the wine of the famous Tenuta San Guido has continued to delight and invoke the unanimous praise of both Italian and international critics.Under the expert hands and palate of Giacomo Tachis, one of the most famous oenologists in the country, Mario’s son, Niccolò Incisa della Rocchetta is now carrying on the legend in his own way, a legend which, for nearly a century now, has been writing the story of the greatest wines in Italy.

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