Oasi degli Angeli is a different estate. Different in its philosophy, by the personality of its producers, Eleonora and Marco Casolanetti, by its wines that leave no one indifferent and the vision of the young couple who more than the wine, offer a unique and complete experience in every sense of the term. A small area of 17 hectares at extremely low yield, since only 6,600 bottles are produced per year.

Oasi degli Angeli was founded in 1997 in the area of Cupra Marittima in the Marches, a not well known wine making region of Italy which however dramatically gained notoriety since the estate Oasi degli Angeli has been created. A true oasis created in the image of Eleonora and Marco Casolanetti, the estate offers a unique 360 degrees experience combining agritourism, exceptional wines and cuisine with local delicacies in a world that bears the stuff of dreams. A dream that is not however born by magic, or by any chance, since it is first a vision, but mostly hard work combining entirely manual and biological production methods with pioneering techniques sometimes invented by the couple that has led to the exceptional success of the Oasi degli Angeli area.

Considered as one of the greatest Italian wines by most people who have had the privilege to taste it, the Kurni comes from a single grape variety, 100% Montepulciano. Adored by the most influential critics, the 2010 vintage has obtained for the 11th consecutive time 3 glasses in the Gambero Rosso guide, the maximum rating, the Oasi degli Angeli Kurni is a legend among legends.

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