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Discover a place of passionate people, dedicated to wine tastings and private wine events in the Lausanne area

In 1991 the adventure began with the creation of the Oenothèque and the Restaurant de la Treille in Penthaz by Giorgio Loparco. For two decades, these two institutions were references in Italian gastronomy and wine. At the beginning of 2010, the adventure continues with the change of identity to "alfavin.ch" to dedicate itself only to the distribution of fine Italian and Spanish wines. However, the objectives remain the same: to offer the best wines at the best prices and to identify the nuggets produced by small artisans. Alfavin.ch is in constant search of wines that make you feel good and give you emotions. Thanks to this long experience of more than 30 years, strong relationships have been established with producers and customers... the friends of alfavin.ch.

Our wine shop in Lonay welcomes you to advise you and sell wine, sparkling wine and grappa. You can consult our opening hours at any time at the bottom of our site. We also have a room for wine courses, thematic tastings or private tastings for up to 25 people. This space is equipped with a large screen for the diffusion of photos and various presentations and several tables that can be arranged according to the group. Everything is set up to provide the best possible wine experience.

Who is alfavin.ch ?

cours oenologie et dégustation Lausanne Vaud

Jean-Daniel, La Relève

Jean-Daniel, of Italian and Spanish origin, was born in Lausanne several decades ago. In 1991, when his father opened the Oenothèque de la Treille in Penthaz, he was already handling the wine bottle like no other. Nevertheless, he decided to work outside the family business. After a few years in the oil industry, an MBA at IMD and then a few years in finance, he finally decided in 2016 to take over the family business which became alfavin.ch. Jean-Daniel is a graduate of the Changins wine school and loves to share his passion. Working as close as possible to his values, Jean-Daniel will tell you anecdotes gathered over the years and enriching encounters with passionate winemakers.
His favorites: Pistillo (Poderi San Lazarro) and the old Nelin (Clos Mogador) for the whites. As for red wines, Moros (Claudio Quarta) in Puglia, Amarone Ca'Coato (Antolini) in Veneto, Oreno (Sette Ponti) in Tuscany, Clos Mogador (René Barbier) in Priorat and Kurni (Oasi degli Angeli) in Marche.


Olivier, The Sommelier

Originally from France, he started working at alfavin.ch on Labor Day. Olivier is above all a passionate and epicurean. He studied and learned about wine in Tain L'Hermitage in France. Thanks to rich experiences with Anne-Sophie Pic at the Beau Rivage Palace, the Palafitte in Neuchâtel and many others, Olivier has developed his knowledge and his desire to share around wine. After 12 years in the hotel and restaurant business, Olivier was looking for a new chapter in his professional life. His meeting with Jean-Daniel, where passion and professionalism are the key words, allows him today to continue to explore the world of wine and to share with you his advice and experiences.
His favorites: Greco di Tufo (Claudio Quarta) and Nelin (Clos Mogador) for white wines. For red wines: ES Primitivo (Gianfranco Fino) in Puglia, Il Grande Silenzio (Fosso Corno) in Abruzzo and Kurni (Oasi degli Angeli) in the Marche

Find out about our monthly wine tasting classes at the Vinothèque de Lonay. Improve your oenology skills, have a good time with our sommeliers or even our wine producers and discover the wine regions of Italy and Spain. If you are looking for a private wine tasting in the Lausanne area, you are at the right place! Find on this page our themes for a private evening with a sommelier, for any size of group, between friends or for a team-building wine tasting. If you wish another format of events, tasting or wine courses, made to measure, do not hesitate to contact us for more information or a quote.