Although the story of Planeta officially started in 1995, its foundations date back to the year 1500 between Sambuca di Sicilia and Menfi, 17 generations ago. Today, Planeta is not one, but 5 ways of expressing a terroir all united under a single banner. A figure which represents the number of estates which each, in their own individual way, bring out the best in the land which bears the fruit used to produce its wines.With a total of 900 acres dedicated to the production of wine in the regions of Sambuca di Sicilia, Menfi, Vittoria, Noto and Mount Etna, Planeta is the most prolific producer on the island.

A real journey through the finest wine-producing areas of Sicily, the properties of the Planeta family are in equal parts an interpretation of the terroir, the wine and the company’s history. Although the versions differ between one area and another, a single shared vision is held by each Planeta estate: hard work and respect for traditions. Hard work through patient and meticulous research, sometimes drawing on the past, but always looking towards the future. Respect for traditions, the terroir and nature, as a legacy of the past passed down from generation to generation.But above all, what truly characterises Planeta as a producer is the quality of its wines, confirmed vintage after vintage, so diverse and varied is their range.

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Wines from Planeta