It was above all to perpetuate the family tradition that Paolo Capriotti and Elisetta Carosi founded in 2003 the domain San Lazzaro in the Piceno region in the province of Marche in Italy.

Located next to the village of Offida, at the heart of the appellation Rosso Piceno Superiore, the estate stretches over 15 hectares dedicated to the production of wine and olive oil. With a philosophy based on strict respect for the environment and the biological rhythm of the grapes, the young couple of winegrowers focused solely the research for the highest quality.

It is also for this reason that San Lazzaro recruited their friend and winemaker Marco Casolanetti, father of the famous Kurni, as a consultant and while it is true that the wines are not the same, the talent and style of the famous oenologist Oasi degli Angeli are felt in the beautiful wines in San Lazzaro.

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