Founded in 1995 by Peter Sisseck, a Dane who studied in Bordeaux, then California, before starting his career in 1990 at the Hacienda Monasterio in Ribera del Duero, Dominio de Pingus owes its legendary status to him alone. The legend, that is, of one of the greatest wines in Spain, if not indeed the greatest.The history of Dominio de Pingus starts in 1995 with a first vintage created in a garage... Peter Sisseck, nicknamed “Pingus” by his uncle in Denmark, decided to give it the same name, and the legend was born almost immediately with the chance discovery of the wine by the famous Robert Parker, who declared that it was, without a doubt, one of the finest wines in Spain.

Peter Sisseck owes this celebrity to his keen perfectionism, his intransigence, his respect for old-fashioned methods and his work in line with the principles of biodynamics, which make his wines the best-made in the region of Ribera del Duero. Robert Parker even employed a staggering score of 100 points - perfection itself - to qualify the exceptional work and unprecedented quality achieved by Dominio de Pingus.In addition to his prestigious Pingus wine, Peter Sisseck also makes three other wines: PSI, Amelia and the most excellent and more affordable Flor de Pingus, the little brother of the less accessible Pingus, which is the standard-bearer for the legendary Spanish winery.

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