Located in the Aragona valley, 10 kilometers from the town of Jumilla in southeastern Spain, the Bodega el Nido of the famous Juan Gil Bodegas Familiares group was founded in 2002 with the challenge of making it one of the main spearheads of the qualitative revolution in Jumilla.

The vineyard of the Bodega El Nido is located between 700 and 850 metres above sea level on a sandy and limestone base covered with stones. With 32 hectares of Monastrell, some of which are centuries old, this is the majority grape, followed by Cabernet Sauvignon (12 hectares) and Syrah (1.8 hectares).

The work of the collaboration between the Gil family and Chris Ringland, one of Australia's best oenologists, quickly convinced the public as well as national and international critics. Based on a philosophy that combines very old vines with ultra-modern vinification techniques, Bodega El Nido favours low yields producing concentrated and fruity terroir wines, but always balanced and fresh. Clio, created from a blend of Monastrell (70%) and Cabernet Sauvignon, is a perfect example of strength, concentration and finesse.

Wines from Bodega El Nido