Looking for a new idea to relax and have a good time with friends? Alfavin.ch, a store specialized in Italian and Spanish wines for more than 30 years, is there to offer you a moment of conviviality around wine: transmission and sharing are the foundations, you are the actors.

Discover our private tastings in the Lausanne area

Wine has this magic that few drinks have, it is affordable by all without distinction and we always find a bottle that gives us pleasure when we drink a glass. Alfavin.ch has always had at heart to please as many people as possible and it is in this sense that its wine enthusiasts have organized their tastings. Established in the French-speaking part of Switzerland since the 1990's and a privileged partner of winegrowers who want you to discover their work and their terroir, Alfavin.ch has set up oenological events centered on the relaxed learning of wines from the Italian and Iberian peninsulas. Because wine is above all about sharing, Alfavin for Love Loyalty Family Friends makes it a point of honor to bring wine lovers together to live a unique experience not only through these values but also through the exchange that this experience generates.

A tailor-made wine experience

Whether you want to take your first steps in oenology, perfect your knowledge or discover wines, vintages, specific regions; Alfavin.ch offers you a tasting experience according to your desires and your budget. Jean-Daniel and his teams approach wine and tasting on 3 axes: theory-practice-sharing.

In the theoretical part, we explain in detail a region, a grape variety, in order to understand and assimilate the characteristics that can be found in the wines afterwards. We talk about the history of wine but also about the way it is produced.

On the practical side, the session is generally divided into two parts. In the first part, the participants are asked to do sensory exercises in order to better understand their tasting organs. In the second part, we move on to the wine tasting itself. We always respect an order in which we start with the white wines and continue with the red wines, from the lightest to the most powerful.

Finally the third axis, which for us is the red thread of a successful experience, is sharing. Present from the beginning to the end, it plays the role of piston between the speakers and the participants. For us, sharing is first of all an exchange of experiences, knowledge and emotions. But it is also a moment of conviviality at the end of the tasting around a plate and a glass.

Private tastings according to your needs

Looking for a place for a team-building or to share a convivial moment with colleagues or friends? Alfavin.ch offers you its tasting room located in the heart of its store in Lonay. Designed to accommodate about twenty people, the room has a giant screen and a WIFI connection in case of a need for a remote meeting or simply for a presentation before starting your event. Because wine is above all, a story of desires and emotions, the most important thing in our eyes is that all participants take pleasure in this tasting. For the neophytes, the oenology course for all levels is the right way to learn the basics of wine tasting, both theoretical and practical. For those who already have some knowledge or the desire to discover a new country or region, opt for evenings like the Discovery of Piedmont or Veneto. For more technical tastings, you can study a particular grape variety or compare wines from different regions.

Want to organize a party? There are two possibilities. Option 1, choose one of our evenings already defined in the calendar. Option 2, visualize on our site, what we propose and do not hesitate to contact us in order to obtain more information but especially to direct you on the good event according to your needs. Find all the necessary information in the tasting and wine courses tab on our website www.alfavin.ch

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