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“The most transformational and exciting new product for wine lovers", that's how Robert Parker describes the Coravin system.

Coravin is a revolution that will change the way we consume wine. It is no longer necessary to remove the cork that protects the wine, no need to drink a bottle of wine the same day for fear oxygenation, and no need to be afraid of opening a great wine without knowing if it has reached its peak aging.

Coravin allows you to serve and enjoy all your great wines by the glass or as you wish. Without removing the cork, this system will allow you to keep your wines perfectly for months or years without danger of unwanted oxygenation.

Thanks to an ingenious and easy to use system, Coravin passes through the cork using an extremely fine needle that allows the pressurization of the bottle, then you can serve a glass of wine without having to remove the cork or the packaging. Once the glass has been served, simply remove the needle from the cork and it closes naturally and tightly to allow the preservation of the wine as if it has never been touched.

The Coravin set contains:

1x Coravin Model Six
3x Coravin Capsules (service allows about 45 glasses)
6x Coravin Screwcap
1x Timeless Aerator

The Model Three has an accessible design, perfect for everyday wine tasting.

The Model Six has a chrome finish for a luxurious experience and feeling (+ accessories)

Both models have the same mechanism.

To see the Model Three here...

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