With more than one eighth of the country's vineyards, Puglia is often considered to be the wine cellar of Italy, topping the list of the number of hectolitres produced alongside Sicily.

While yield and productivity tend to hold sway in this region located in the heel of the boot of Italy, a number of small wine-growers have opted for quality, proposing some fine wines from a region that boasts the ideal conditions for producing choice wines.

The most common varieties in Puglia are Negroamaro, Primitivo and Malvasia Nera, which thrive on the region's fertile soils, coastal plains and hillsides that are easy to cultivate. (Alfavin.ch)

Capital: Bari

Provinces: Foggia, Bari, Brindisi, Taranto, Lecce, Barletta-Andria-Trani

Total surface area of vineyards: 110,000 ha

Annual output: 5,890,000 hl

Red/rosé: 3,320,000 hl

White: 2,570,000 hl

Proportion of total vineyards in Italy: 13.2%