Born in 2003 when two major players in Southern Italy, Cantina San Marzano in Puglia and Farnese Vini in Abruzzo, joined forces, Feudi di San Marzano is the result of a common desire to bring native grape varieties back into the spotlight by using them to create excellent wines.Grown on red ground with soft chalky soil, the vineyards, surrounded by “two seas”, bathed in sun and caressed by a wind which comes from the open sea, tell the story of the South, the story of these harsh lands where life sometimes finds a way despite the dryness, frost and stormy winds.

A near-instant success in Italy, then around the world, Feudi di San Marzano has been able to masterfully blend traditional production methods with a modern approach to winemaking to get the best out of local grape varieties such as Primitivo, Negroamaro or Aleatico, in the image of the estate’s crowning glory, Sessantanni - a pure powerful Primitivo, complex and fruity.

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The wines of Feudi di San Marzano