A Wine Subscription as a gift
or for yourself ?
How does
it work ?
Subscribe for 3, 6 or 12 months
Subscribe for 3, 6 or 12 months
or with no strings attached
Receive 3 bottles every month
Receive 3 bottles every month
(90% red wines)
Enjoy three wine tasting cards
Enjoy three wine tasting cards
and re-order your favorite wines
Are more "Discovery", with 3 hidden wine gems from Italy and Spain ? Or more "Prestige", with 3 high-end wines from our best range ? Your choice...
  • box vin decouverte
    Discovery wine box
    Three hidden gems from Italy and Spain with their wine tasting cards

    Dès CHF 55 / mois

  • box vin prestige
    Prestige wine box
    Three "crus" among our best wines from Italy and Spain, wine cards included

    From CHF 79 / month

  • 700.00 CHF
    700.00 CHF
  • 147.00 CHF
    147.00 CHF
  • 700.00 CHF
    700.00 CHF
  • 700.00 CHF
    700.00 CHF

You can choose the date of shipment of the first package, simply by entering it in your order at the next step.

Is the wine subscription for a fixed duration automatically renewed?
The wine subscription as a gift is not automatically renewed. However the wine subscription for oneself is automatically renewed after the initial duration. The client will receive an email 7 days before the renewal data. The client has the choice to stop the renewal at any time from his account.
How do I stop the recurring wine subscription for me?
A wine subscription can be stopped before its renewal date. The client can do it directly from his account ("my subscriptions") on the alfavin.ch website. He will also receive an email 7 days before the renewal date.
For a wine subscription as a gift, may I set a precise delivery date?
Our delivery time is 2 to 4 open days. The Swiss Post doesn't allow for an exact day for delivery.Therefore you have the gift voucher option: a nice-looking gift voucher (A4-size), available after your payment for download, and received to your email. You can offer it and the person receiving the gift can activate it on our website by entering his/her delivery address. The gift voucher is valid for a year.
Can I pick the wines of the subscription myself?
Trust our team! With more than 25 years of experience in Italian and Spanish wines, we find the best quality-price ratio. If you really want only red wines, don't worry 90% of the wines in a subscription are red. Sometimes a white, a rosé or a sparkling wine can be added, depending on the season.
Why the monthly wine subscription is a smart idea?
You discover new wines every month, that you couldn't have tasted by the bottle, among more than 400+ wines. You enjoy a fixed monthly price that is below the total cost of the bottles and their delivery. You can enjoy our special wine offers if you are registered to our newsletter.

1) Why buy a monthly wine subscription ?

Alfavin.ch has been offering monthly wine subscriptions for several years and nearly 5000 wine lovers trust us ! 

The wine subscription is every month three bottles, selected among our best Italian and Spanish wines, three technical sheets to learn more about the wines, the terroirs and the producers, as well as a free delivery of your monthly wine box in all Switzerland.

It is the best way to learn about wine, to develop your oenological skills, and to discover new grape varieties, new regions, in short to progress.

It is also a surprise every month! You can travel with a monthly box composed of 90% red wines. Each season, new wines from your subscription will be the perfect food and wine pairing with seasonal dishes.

It's so easy. Select the range of wines, leave your address, pay monthly or get a discount for a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription, and you're done.

2) How to find the best monthly wine box ?

Alfavin.ch is committed to offering one of the best prices for a wine subscription in Switzerland. From 55CHF per month, the monthly wine box is one of the cheapest.

Does this mean that the wines are of lower quality? Absolutely not, the wines remain our best nuggets, the wine box is mostly composed of Italian and Spanish red wines, among the favorites of our customers. It is actually an offer at the best price so that new wine lovers can taste the wines of the alfavin.ch selection, without risk, delivered at home, every month.

Finally, if you want the best wines for your monthly wine subscription, you can choose the "Prestige" option, from 79 CHF/month, to discover our top-of-the-range Italian and Spanish wines, without having to buy a full case. It's a great way to test great wines and then order your favorites to build a cellar to your liking.

3) How does the wine subscription work in Switzerland?

On this page it is a subscription for yourself, with several formulas:

  • a monthly wine subscription with no commitment, or a commitment for 3, 6 or 12 months, renewable, with a decreasing rate according to the duration of the commitment.

  • A box containing three "discovery" or "prestige" wines depending on the range of wines and the price that suits you, (from CHF 55 or CHF 79 per month depending on the type of monthly box)

You will then only have to enter your delivery address and that's it. Every month you will receive your monthly wine box:

  • at the address indicated, with 3 tasting notes to learn more about each wine, the producers and the regions

  • always 3 bottles from Italy or Spain

  • mostly red wines, sometimes white and rosé depending on the season 

The subscription without commitment is debited monthly or at the beginning of the period (3, 6 or 12 months if you’ve chosen this subscription period) and can be stopped at any time from your account

The subscription is renewed at the end of each period automatically, unless you cancel from your account.

If you wish to offer a subscription, please go to the wine subscription as a gift page. You can then offer a gift voucher or have it delivered directly to the name of the person you wish. The page you are on is dedicated to personal subscriptions, automatically renewable.

4) Who selects the monthly wine boxes?

Since 1991, our family has been rigorously selecting wines from renowned producers and artisans in Italy and Spain. This experience is offered to you in the creation and selection of our monthly subscriptions. We are Gold Medal Wine Searcher for the best Italian and Spanish wine store in the canton of Vaud, every year since 2017!

We have served more than 5000 customers throughout Switzerland! For 30 years we have been selecting the best wines from Italy and Spain, so this is your chance to take advantage of alfavin.ch's experience to discover one of the best wine subscriptions in Switzerland!

In short, we have created a monthly wine box service, in order to discover our more than 400 references, in a simple regular way and especially at home to the maximum of new wine lovers in Switzerland.

Your team alfavin.ch