How does
it work ?
Subscribe for 3, 6 or 12 months
Subscribe for 3, 6 or 12 months
or with no strings attached
Receive 3 bottles every month
Receive 3 bottles every month
(90% red wines)
Enjoy three wine tasting cards
Enjoy three wine tasting cards
and re-order your favorite wines
Are more "Discovery", with 3 hidden wine gems from Italy and Spain ? Or more "Prestige", with 3 high-end wines from our best range ? Your choice...
  • box vin decouverte
    Discovery wine box
    Three hidden gems from Italy and Spain with their wine tasting cards
    From CHF 49 / month
  • box vin prestige
    Prestige wine box
    Three "crus" among our best wines from Italy and Spain, wine cards included
    From CHF 79 / month
  • 700,00 CHF 700,00 CHF
  • 147,00 CHF 147,00 CHF
  • 700,00 CHF 700,00 CHF
  • 700,00 CHF 700,00 CHF

Is the wine subscription for a fixed duration automatically renewed?
The wine subscription as a gift is not automatically renewed. However the wine subscription for oneself is automatically renewed after the initial duration. The client will receive an email 7 days before the renewal data. The client has the choice to stop the renewal at any time from his account.
How do I stop the recurring wine subscription for me?
A wine subscription can be stopped before its renewal date. The client can do it directly from his account ("my subscriptions") on the website. He will also receive an email 7 days before the renewal date.
For a wine subscription as a gift, may I set a precise delivery date?
Our delivery time is 2 to 4 open days. The Swiss Post doesn't allow for an exact day for delivery.Therefore you have the gift voucher option: a nice-looking gift voucher (A4-size), available after your payment for download, and received to your email. You can offer it and the person receiving the gift can activate it on our website by entering his/her delivery address. The gift voucher is valid for a year.
Can I pick the wines of the subscription myself?
Trust our team! With more than 25 years of experience in Italian and Spanish wines, we find the best quality-price ratio. If you really want only red wines, don't worry 90% of the wines in a subscription are red. Sometimes a white, a rosé or a sparkling wine can be added, depending on the season.
Why the monthly wine subscription is a smart idea?
You discover new wines every month, that you couldn't have tasted by the bottle, among more than 400+ wines. You enjoy a fixed monthly price that is below the total cost of the bottles and their delivery. You can enjoy our special wine offers if you are registered to our newsletter.

Since 2018, the wine subscriptions of have been very successful. Italian and Spanish wines lovers can now enjoy three new wines every month. A surprise delivered to your home every month.
But the monthly wine subscription is above all an opportunity to discover new wines, new regions, without having to order a full case right away, and to be able to build up your cellar with your new favorites afterwards.
With more than 400 references of wines from Italy and Spain, the monthly wine box is the ideal solution to taste each month a new part of the catalog, effortlessly, with family or friends, and thus expand your knowledge of the wine regions of Italy and Spain.

Beyond the discovery, it is also the possibility to benefit from 3 wine tasting cards in the monthly wine box. Learn more about the regions, appellations and producers, carefully selected by the team since 1991. These tasting cards will also allow you to blind taste some of the wines to improve your palate, then compare your impressions with the tasting notes on the back.
Our monthly wine boxes contain mostly red wines (90% of the time), but we also let you discover sparkling, white and rosé wines, when the season lends itself to it. It is also the possibility for you to benefit from the best possible prices on these wines while considering that the delivery costs are already included in the monthly subscription price.
This monthly wine subscription is delivered anywhere in Switzerland. You benefit from a degressive monthly rate if you choose several months of subscription, because our administrative and logistic costs are reduced. It is delivered within a few days and then each time at the beginning of the month, for the duration you have chosen.
It can even be the subject of a wine subscription as a gift for your family or colleagues. No more excuses for not discovering new wines every month!