Claudio Quarta has founded this very small winery in order to give expression to Negroamaro in one of its most prestigious denominations, Salice Salentino. Located at Guagnano, in the heart of this Doc, Moros uses mostly Negroamaro grapes and also Malvasia Nera, grown in a small vineyard of just 1,3 hectares on the edge of the town.

The winery name evokes the history of this area and its encounters with Saracen culture, and also recalls the dark colour of Negroamaro and Malvasia Nera.  And there is also the god Moros, brother of Eméra, the guardian of the thread of destiny.

The winery was founded to produce only Salice Salentino, and has been created by renovating an old winery; the huge cement fermentation vats have now been replaced with small steel tanks. The underground tanks where the wine was once stored have surprisingly found a new life hosting the barrels in which the Salice ages.

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