The Taurino family has been producing wine since the early nineteenth century in Puglia, the heel of the boot of Italy.

The wine culture in the Salento peninsula dates back to ancient times and enjoyed a high reputation, but it was neglected for many centuries in the regions producing DOC "Brindisi" and "Salice Salentino". It is precisely on these lands, and through hard work that the Taurino family has mastered the land, selected, planted and cared for the vines to produce some of the best wines from Puglia.

With particular zeal, the Taurino family has maintained a secular and traditional know-how, even today, allowing modern equipment to control each stage of production accurately. It is the combination of the passion and craftsmanship of yesteryear, together with technology to improve the production process that Taurino has been able to produce a wine of the highest quality, recognised and appreciated throughout the world. Through the famous Notarpanaro and Patriglione, Taurino has expressed the quality and richness of local Puglia.

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Wines from Taurino