Located in south-east Italy, between Abruzzi and Puglia on the Adriatic coast, Molise is the second-smallest region in the country. Thanks to a climate that is ideally suited to wine-growing, Molise is home to countless small vineyards, 90% of which cover less than half a hectare.

While often overshadowed by the neighbouring Abruzzi and Puglia regions, Molise's quality wine-growing industry is growing year after year and now produces some highly promising wines.

Examples include the outstanding Alessio Di Majo wines, which are this small region's flagship product. (


Capital: Campobasso

Provinces: Campobasso, Isernia

Total surface area of vineyards: 6,500 ha

Annual output: 319,000 hl

Red/rosé: 236,000 hl

White: 83,000 hl

Proportion of total vineyards in Italy: 0.7%