This wine-growing district, which stretches along both banks of the Douro for more than 110 kilometres, crosses four provinces. The rise of Ribera del Duero, a name that is synonymous with quality all over the world, is almost unique.

Grown on brown and ruddy-brown chalky soil, the vines offer very low yields that are limited by the severe and dry climate, which also contributes to the quality achieved by certain vineyards that have become famous the world over.

The Ribera del Duero name is reserved for the excellent red wines that are aged in casks and contain at least three quarters of Tinta del Pais, the local name for Tempranillo. Along the same lines as the elites formed by Vega Sicilia and Pingus, the Ribera del Duero reds are dark in colour, fantastically fruity and tannic and age remarkably well. (


Do you know the producers from Ribera del Duero and specially Winner WinesVinedos y Bodegas SABodegas y Vinedos Alion, Dominio de Pingus and Torres?

Designation: Castile and Léon

Total surface area of vineyards: 23'353 ha

Annual output: 96'534'607 kg

Wines: Ribera del Duero

Established in: 1982

Main grape varieties: Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Malbec, Grenache

Source: DO Ribere del Duero, CECRV

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Ribera del Duero
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