Located in the heart of the Ribera del Duero region, on the hills of the north coast overlooking the district of Valbuena de Duero in Valladolid, the Bodega Matarromera winery, commonly known as Matarromera, has been a world-renowned estate since its establishment in 1988.

Spread over around 200 acres in two separate estates, the vineyards are mainly made up of Tinto Fino or Trempranillo, although a small section is also dedicated to growing international varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. Entirely renovated, the Viñedos y Bodegas winery uses ultramodern processes to produce a range of eight wines, of which the famous Mataromerra wines are the most distinctive, winning numerous awards every year.As it enjoys extremely favourable soil and climate characteristics, the winery of Viñedos y Bodegas is, with its famous Matarromera, one of the finest and most prolific wine companies in Ribera del Duero in Spain.

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Wines from Bodega Matarromera: