Since 1880, the Pellegrino family has always personally managed the activities in the vineyard and in the cellar. Even today, the seventh generation, Pietro, Paola, Sebastiano, Benedetto, Maria Chiara, Massimo and Caterina still participate daily in the management of the company. A long family history of respect, care, love and dedication, values handed down from father to son, which today make it one of the greatest Sicilian wine families.

The vineyards of Pellegrino are located in the westernmost part of Sicily, characterised by a wide variety of microclimates. The region has the largest area planted with vines in Italy, as it is considered the most suitable on the island. Here, in fact, the intense light, the dry and arid climate, the cool soils, the winds coming from the south and the strong thermal amplitude create the ideal conditions for the production of quality wines.

Pellegrino is committed to preserving the territory on which they operate, they grow the grapes on their estates exclusively with organic methods, in total respect of the environment. Green choices also concern all areas of production, from lighting to logistics, from waste management to the use of water resources, to the control of all forms of environmental pollution.

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Wines from Pellegrino