It was in the heart of the countryside in Trapani, Sicily that the story of the Firriato winery started in 1985. Through hard work and passion, Salvatore di Gaetano and his wife Vinzia Novara, lovers of their birthplace, established one of the island’s most renowned wineries in this rugged region.The Firriato estates are spread over 790 hectares divided into three different sites: the Trapani countryside, Mount Etna and the island of Favignana in the north-east.

As, from a winemaking point of view, Sicily equates to a continent, so much do the characteristics of the production areas differ from one another, each of the sites carefully selected by Firriato possesses clean and optimal soil and climate conditions, not only giving the wines a strong personality, but also providing exceptional results in terms of quality which are rewarded year after year by Italian and international critics alike.Under the expertise of Peppe Pellegrino, the company’s oenologist, Firriato has - in little more than 20 years - become one of the leaders in terms of quality in Sicily, exporting 75% of its production to over 30 countries around the world.

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Wines from Firriato