Bolla has spent over 130 years building its spotless reputation. It was in 1883 that Adele Bolla started producing wines that were already considered at the time the finest wines in the Soave region, in the province of Venice.Over the decades, four generations of the Bolla family came and went as heads of the company, each one progressively growing its reputation, eventually making it one of the most respected names on the Italian wine scene. A highly traditional winery with a great deal of experience, Bolla was able to garner the attention of an international audience, especially in the U.S., from when it was awarded its first gold medal in 1909, a prize which would spark an endless chain of awards. The reputation of the Bolla company is such that Frank Sinatra supposedly refused to sit down at a restaurant in 1959 if they did not serve him Bolla Soave.

Christian Scrinzi, considered one of the greatest oenologists of his generation and director of oenology at the “Gruppo Italiano Vini”, has since 2007 been the guarantor of the high quality of the company’s wines, as well as the specialist who continues the traditions of this long-established winery in the province of Venice.What’s more, it was in the heart of the Valpolicella region, near the village of San Pietro in Cariano, that Bolla produces its most prestigious wines, in the image of the Amarone that Bolla was the first to market in 1950.

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Wines from Bolla