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Want to travel and discover grape varieties and wines typical of their terroirs of origin? At, a store specialized in Italian and Spanish wines for 30 years in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, you will find not only a bottle to buy, but also an attentive ear ready to give you advice on tasting and food and wine pairing. In order to better understand wine and make it accessible to the greatest number of people, has set up oenology courses where the desire to learn, to share and to express one's own emotions are the basic principles. Italy and Spain, two wine-producing countries with an ancient history, are full of indigenous grape varieties, ancestral traditions and know-how that is delighted to help you discover through wine tasting evenings in its store in Lonay.

How does a wine tasting take place?

A wine tasting is a moment of sharing and exchange. In this sense, a tasting is much more than a course where a teacher gives explanations to his audience. We taste together, each one facing his own emotions delivers his personal analysis of the wine and gives his feeling. For, a tasting must be alive, nourished by exchanges, transmission of knowledge and anecdotes. A tasting is first an introduction on the theme that will be discussed, then technical information on how to taste a wine and finally information on grape varieties, a region, a country, etc. . The tasting phase is usually divided into two acts. The first one, where the animators taste aloud one or more wines in order to show the way to the people present. Then in the second act, the participants try their hand at the tasting game. Speaking in public is never easy for many people, so at, the teams are always there to accompany the tasters as best as possible.

Who leads our wine tastings?

Come and meet the teams, who are always happy to share with you tasting tips, anecdotes from their own experiences and, above all, the desire to taste a few bottles together to better understand wine.

Jean-Daniel "La Relève", (son of Giorgio Loparco, founder of 30 years ago), current owner of, is as he likes to say a story-teller. After a first life in multinational companies, Jean-Daniel decided to take over the family business and to develop it. Jean-Daniel has been immersed in wine since his childhood and is a true intermediary between the winemakers and the customers. With each tasting, Jean-Daniel delivers his analysis and advice based on his personal experiences, his encounters and the emotions that wine brings him.

Olivier " Le Sommelier " is a wine lover who has worked in the great gastronomic tables of Switzerland and elsewhere. Originally from France and after studying sommellerie in the Rhone Valley south of Lyon, Olivier works in the restaurant business and forges his wine experience through multiple encounters, oenological trips and many tastings. At, he continues to distill his advice, share his favorites and his love of wine.

Who are our wine tastings for?

Tasting a wine is like tasting a dish in a restaurant, it awakens our senses and reveals what we like or dislike, no particular skill is required. We often hear, simply because of ignorance, "I know nothing about wine". So yes, the more knowledge you have, the better, but this is clearly not a prerogative for wine tasting. At, we are not teachers but storytellers. We talk about wine from the heart, share our taste experiences with you, and give you some tips and information about wine and tasting. In this sense, everyone is welcome in these tasting sessions. The only rule is that you have to want to taste and learn about the wine world. Whether you are a novice with the desire to take your first steps in wine tasting, an experienced amateur or not who wishes to develop his knowledge or simply someone who wants to have a good time, do not hesitate to come and visit us or to contact us to organize an event. 

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