In recent years, Montsant, and Priorat in particular, have developed spectacularly, and their reds now figure amongst the most expensive and sought-after wines in Spain.

The rediscovery of the Priorat wine-growing region has helped to revive interest the land and local produce in Spain. This revival is all down to one wine-grower: René Barbier is responsible for the renaissance of the Priorat by establishing a worldwide reputation that has allowed the region, located in the untouched hills overlooking Tarragona, not far from Spain's north-east coast, to become one of the most prestigious wine-growing districts in Spain.

With his Espectacle and, above all, the legendary Clos Mogador, which achieved the rare feat of being awarded 98/100 by Robert Parker, René Barbier has proven the undeniable quality of this isolated region, which is surrounded by a chain of steep-sided mountains that demand intense manual labour, for a yield that hardly ever exceeds 2,000 kilos per hectare. (

Do you know the producers from Priorat/ Montsant and specially Clos MogadorRené Barbier y Sara PerezMas Martinet and Meritxell Palleja?

Designation: Priorat

Total surface area of vineyards (Priorat / Montsant): 2’041 ha / 1'864 ha

Annual output: 5'533'073 kg / 8'000'000 kg

Wines: Priorat, Monstant

Established in: 2006 / 2001

Main grape varieties: Garnacha / Macabeo, Parellada, Xarel-lo

Source: DOQ Priorat, DO Montsant, CECRV

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