Mas Martinet was founded in 1989 by José Luis Pérez Ovejero. He works today with his daughter Sara Pérez, who is the oenologist of the estate and also the wife of René Barbier IV. The Perez family were among the first, along with the Barbier family, to have believed in Priorat wines and therefore contributed to their current reputation.

The vineyard covers 15 hectares. It is composed of very old vines of Grenache and Carignan, as well as some international grape varieties whose importance decreases progressively. The peculiar soil of Priorat, composed of many layers of slate and quartzite, is rich in minerals and gives the wines of the region an incomparable identity.

The objective of the estate is to bring out the typicality of each terroir while respecting the vine as well as the biodiversity, expecting to bring a greater aromatic complexity. The wines of Mas Martinet bear witness to an incomparable fruitiness and finesse. The domain practises organic agriculture since 2008.

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Wines from Mas Martinet