Established in 1960 out of the union of several wine winegrowers who banded together to form a cooperative, Cantina Santadi, located in the heart of the Sulcis district in southwest Sardinia, enjoys a reputation that places it firmly at the top of the most influential producers on the island.From the mid-1970s, Antonello Pilloni took the reins of Cantina Santadi and convinced the famous oenologist Giacomo Tachis, father of Saissicaia, to be part of the future of the already highly-reputed Sardinian company, a decision which would place him - as of the mid-1990s - at the forefront of the international scene and make Cantina Santadi the ambassador of choice for wines across Sardinia.

Located within a radius of 30 kilometres of the medieval village of Santadi, the operation is spread over several areas of land with different properties (coasts, hills, plains and hillsides). This diversity offers a wide product range whose flagship product, Terre Brune, internationally-recognised and considered one of the finest wines in Sardinia, is grown on an old vineyard in the lower part of Sulcis.

Wines from Santadi