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If wine has been at the heart of our cultures for centuries and is anchored in our lives and in our genes, it is really since the beginning of this century that the craze and the thirst for knowledge around this natural product has really exploded. With a world that has become more and more open to others, more and more cultured as well, wine has been democratized, notably thanks to the various professionals in the sector: winemakers, tasters, sommeliers, wine merchants and today, in the age of the Internet, bloggers. These actors of the wine industry have helped to highlight the ever present and pressing desire of customers to acquire knowledge, develop their palate and take pleasure in tasting wine.

Alfavin.ch your wine specialist in Lonay (between Lausanne and Morges)

Alfavin.ch is a real reference in the canton of Vaud in terms of Italian and Spanish wines. It is positioned as a major player in the distribution of Italian and Spanish wines. Since 1991, the Loparco family, founder and current owner of this company, has based its selection on its experience, its privileged relationship with winegrowers and other wine suppliers, to allow you to discover or rediscover the wines of two wine-producing countries whose origins date back centuries. Whether you are looking for great wines, new discoveries, native or international grape varieties, Alfavin.ch offers a range of wines for all tastes and all budgets. In order to best meet the expectations of its customers, Alfavin.ch now offers wines from all over Italy and part of Spain. Whether you want to buy wine for yourself or as a gift for a friend or client, the Alfavin.ch store has everything to satisfy you. Here, all styles of wine are represented: white, red and rosé, dry, sweet or sparkling. Because it is necessary to live with the times and because Alfavin.ch believes deeply in the protection of our planet and the transmission of it to future generations, the store offers wines from winemakers committed to respecting nature and the care taken in working the soil and the cellar to offer consumers quality wines.

Our wine courses in Lonay (Lausanne-Morges)

Wine is a great vehicle for sharing and transmitting knowledge, and today it holds an important place in the leisure market. If in the past wine tasting, the vocabulary that accompanies it and the precepts that follow were reserved for professionals in the sector, the trend is changing and wine has never been as democratic as it is now. Now that it has become a leisure activity in its own right and no longer just a consumer good, wine has become a source of desire and desire to learn. At Alfavin.ch, the vision is simple; wine is accessible to everyone. With this in mind, the store now offers tastings for all levels. From the neophyte to the experienced wine taster, everyone can have fun, and as the old saying goes, "you learn something every day". Whether you want to learn the basics of wine tasting, to know the vineyards of Italy and Spain, to participate in more advanced tastings on a particular wine region, to taste a vertical of old vintages, Alfavin.ch offers in its catalog themes able to meet your expectations and satisfy your curiosity.

Tastings of new wines in Lausanne

Thanks to a privileged relationship with renowned winemakers, Alfavin.ch offers today the possibility to taste wines that are becoming more and more rare on the market. With a room dedicated to tasting, the possibility to meet in videoconference with those who produce the wine and thus better understand what you have in your glass, Alfavin.ch offers unique tastings. The experience in the selection of wines, the ability to offer old vintages for tasting, allow Alfavin.ch to offer more advanced wine courses for experienced tasters. The tasting workshops set up allow everyone to have fun because Alfavin.ch's vision is above all that of sharing and knowledge.

Our selection of wines to taste at Alfavin.ch

With a representation of Italy from North to South, the store offers a range of wines capable of satisfying all palates. Whether you want to perfect your knowledge of Piedmont wines, discover and understand the particularities of Valpolicella wines, compare Tuscan wines with both native and international grape varieties, taste Puglia and its Primitivo and Negroamaro grape varieties, among others, our store is full of bottles to take you on a journey throughout the Italian peninsula. On the Iberian side, our selection gives pride of place to a part of the Spanish vineyards and particularly those of Catalonia. In close collaboration with René Barbier, famous for his Clos Mogador, Alfavin.ch offers a wide range of wines from the Priorat and Montsant regions. The store presents great names whose reputation is well established as the famous Bodegas Vega Sicilia and its vintages Unico, Alion, Valbuena, Pintia. Alongside these great names, there are also young generations of winemakers such as Meritxell Palleja, René Barbier Junior and Sarah Perez, and many others.

Organize your event with a sommelier in Lausanne

With the benefit of training, tasting in the field and their own professional experience, our team is able to offer you technical and complete tastings. Open to all levels, these tastings led by experienced tasters are designed to make you want to discover the world of wine and learn to taste and describe in your own words what you have in your glass. At Alfavin.ch, come and meet a team of passionate people, ready to spend time with you to talk about wine, in a relaxed, humble and above all good mood.

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