, your wine store near Morges, Crissier and Echandens

At the origin of this family adventure, we meet Giorgio. Italian by origin, he created in 1991 in Penthaz this wine shop focused on Italian wines, his native land, but also on Spanish wines, the native land of his wife. Seeing the craze around the wines of these two countries materialize and become sustainable, Giorgio then decided to move to a new location in Echandens. In 2016, when he was ready to retire, Giorgio was looking for a new owner, and it was quite naturally his son Jean-Daniel who took over the business. After a successful career in finance, it is for him the trigger. His love of wine, sharing, meeting people and his entrepreneurial ambition decided to take the plunge. Since then, the business has evolved. Online or face-to-face wine tasting courses, wine store, website and online wine store, everything is done to boost the adventure started a little over 30 years ago.

Discover a large choice of Italian and Spanish wines between Morges and Crissier

Several times awarded for being the best store specialized in Italian and Spanish wines by Wine Searcher, offers a wide range of wines that will allow you to discover the wine world of these two Latin countries. On the Iberian side, the selection gives pride of place to Priorat, with René Barbier in the lead. Between him and the Loparco family, it is a long history that we invite you to discover. You will also find some world famous nuggets such as Vega Sicilia or Pingus. In the land of pizza, risotto and other culinary delights, the palette is even wider. Almost all wine regions are represented. If you like Piedmont wines such as Barolo, Barbaresco or if your heart is set on an Amarone you are definitely in the right place. Italy is a country full of wines based on indigenous grape varieties and often at more than reasonable prices. If you like dense, smooth and powerful wines, come and discover or rediscover the Primitivo and Negroamaro grapes of Puglia. Do you like more international grape varieties? Cabernet & Merlot among others, choose from a selection of super Tuscans like Sassicaia, Ornellaia, Tignanello and many other vintages... You are looking for a bottle of pleasure for the aperitif, for a convivial moment in all simplicity or for a special occasion, there is something for all tastes and for all budgets.

Initiation to wine tasting around Morges and Crissier

Do you want to discover the world of wine and become an actor in your own tasting? is there for you. The magic thing about wine is that you always learn something. Even the most erudite on the subject are always learning. And in the end, that's the best thing about wine. If you want to learn about grape varieties, take an oenological tour of Italy or Spain, and above all have fun, you should come to

Your event with a privileged sommelier in Crissier and Morges

You have a company meeting, a team building and you want to get together while working from home; has the solution. Since the health crisis, Jean-Daniel has developed online tastings and it works. If you are looking for a place to be together, contact us to organize your corporate event.

Oenology courses by specialists in Crissier and Morges

Our approach and our vision of wine, its learning and tasting, are guided above all by two essential notions in our eyes: pleasure and sharing. If you are an informed consumer, if you wish to meet with friends and connoisseurs, we can organize tastings to meet your expectations: vintage verticals, tastings targeting the great appellations and domains, comparison of wines from the same grape variety, etc...

If you are a novice but you want to learn, master the basics of wine tasting, get to know the vineyards of Italy and Spain, understand how wine is produced and above all have a good time with family or friends, then join us.

It is often said that life is made of encounters, that the world of wine is made of stories, people and land. is all this and so much more. So don't hesitate any longer and come and meet Jean-Daniel and his team, they will make you travel without even leaving this beautiful region of Lake Geneva.