Located in South Tyrol in the village of Terlano, northwest of the city of Bolzano, the Terlan cantina has been in existence since 1893. A leading cooperative winery, its international recognition is second to none. Historically, it was created by a group of 24 winegrowers who wanted to free themselves from the landowners of the region who held most of the land and ruled over local agriculture. 

At the time, the Trentino Alto Adige region was known mainly for its red wines, but the winery decided to focus on white wines, with a ratio of 70% to 30% reds. Wishing to produce quality wines, the winery turned to the regions of France and Germany and decided to import grape varieties adapted to the local soil types. With more than 143 winegrowers and a total surface area of 190 ha, Cantina Terlan has chosen quality, structuring its vineyards into small plots. Thanks to its microclimate and the use of old vines, Cantina Terlan produces racy wines that age admirably and have an international reputation.

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