The wine store in Lausanne

Recognized worldwide for its quality of life and a real melting pot, Lausanne has been a city on the move and evolving for a good ten years. Real economic lung of the region, this city surrounded by vineyards, including Lavaux, a wine region listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, has become a place where the world of gastronomy is in perpetual movement. Trendy cafés, cocktail bars, neighborhood restaurants, gastronomic tables and great chefs make this city not only a trendy place but also an open-air laboratory. And in this context, wine plays a key role. A true social vector anchored in local traditions, as evidenced by the numerous local harvest festivals and other wine-related events, it is a major player in the life of the people of Lausanne. For many years now, wine bars have been opening and wine shops have been flourishing in the various districts of the city.

The specialist of Italian and Spanish wines in Lausanne

Founded in 1991, SA has become over time a major reference in offering fine wines from Italy and Spain. Thanks to their Italian and Spanish roots, the managers of this family-owned company have become leading intermediaries between the producers of these countries and the consumers here in Switzerland. If you are looking for famous vintages such as Clos Mogador from René Barbier in Catalonia, Sassicaia from Tenuta San Guido, among the best wines from Tuscany or if you want to discover small producers who sign quality vintages, then and its wine store in Lonay is the place for you. With wines from almost all of Italy and a good part of Spain, with a focus on winemakers committed to quality work, offers a range of wines that will allow you to discover the wine regions of these two countries whose reputation in wine is well established. Recognized by Wine-Searcher since 2017 as the best specialist in Italian and Spanish wines, is not only a reference company for the quality of the wines it offers but also for its consistency, the relationship of trust it has established over the years both with its suppliers and with its customers.

An online wine store based in Lausanne

In the heart of the 21st century, and at a time when the internet plays a major role in our daily lives, shopping on the web has become normal. More and more companies, stores, offer online sales and deliveries. What existed little or not even a few years ago is now a must in the life of a company. has understood this and it is in this perspective of development that its website was designed to meet the requirements of customers. On this site, the customer can first of all place orders for wines, take out a monthly wine subscription (1, 3, 6 or 12 months) renewable or not if he wishes to discover wines from Italy and Spain. At, the emphasis is on discovery and knowledge sharing through technical data sheets for each wine that the customer can find on the site. There are also detailed articles on the wine regions of Italy or Spain and the producers. The team also shares files on specific appellations, suggests food and wine pairings, and gives you many other tips and tricks.