Cantina Sanpaolo is in a hilly area between the provinces of Avellino and Benevento, with a wide variety of soil types in the vineyards, ranging from clayey to chalky and sandy and influenced by the volcanic ash from the mighty volcano Vesuvius. The vines grow at altitudes up to 700 metres, and receive very intense sunlight during the day, while the temperatures drop quite dramatically at night, making the grapes even more aromatic.

This is the area where white grapes are used to produce the well-known Fiano di Avellino Docg, Greco di Tufo Docg and Falanghina Igp, while the renowned Aglianico grape gives Aglianico wine and the more renowned Taurasi Docg. Sanpaolo’s Vineyard is made up of small plots for a total of  22 ha - 10 ha which are around the winery - subdivided between Tufo, where the renowned Greco is grown, Lapio, in the heart of the Docg Fiano d'Avellino area for the production of Fiano, and Paternopoli, where Aglianico is grown in the Dop Irpinia Aglianico and Docg Taurasi areas. There are also around 12 ha in the Benevento area, mostly used for Falanghina Igp and Aglianico Igp. However, most of the vineyards producing the grapes for the winery are coming from local growers in agreement with the winery’s production choices and quality objectives.

To integrate with the hilly landscape, the winery was designed and built on the side of a hill and its terraced vineyards, respecting the harmony of the winery.   

In keeping with the principle of sustainability behind Claudio Quarta’s project, the winery has a photovoltaic plant making it self-sufficient, and is also insulated to keep energy consumption down to a minimum. The winery has modern equipment for producing whites and reds and for aging in the beautiful cellar containing 65 barrels of different sizes: barriques, tonneaus and oak casks.

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