A historic winery in the Friuli region, the history of the Jermann family has its origins in Austria. Originally from Burgenland, in eastern Austria on the border with Hungary, Anton Jermann decided to settle in 1881 in Farra d'Isonzo, a town just a few kilometres from Slovenia. It was here that he founded the winery. Later, in the 1930s and 1940s, the estate, which was then run by Angelo and his wife Bruna, continued to develop both the vineyard and other agricultural activities, making the family successful. From the union of Angelo and Bruna was born Silvio. After graduating in oenology at the schools of Conegliano and San Michele, and after a year's sabbatical abroad to see what was being done elsewhere, Silvio decided to take over the estate in the 1970s.

With 200 hectares of vineyards, the estate is resolutely turned towards the future as the vineyard is managed organically with the idea of preserving biodiversity in the soil, and by choosing not to use pesticides and other chemical products to treat the plots. As for white wine, the estate cultivates indigenous grape varieties but also Chardonnay, Riesling and Sauvignon Blanc. In red wine, we find mainly Pinot Noir but the winery also cultivates rarer grape varieties such as Blaufränkisch.

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Wines from Jermann