It all began in 1930 for this estate, which was then run by Riccardo Ceretto. Originally, Riccardo did not own any vines and bought the grapes to produce his wine. It was a time when buying land and developing a vineyard was not the norm. Then with the arrival of Riccardo's two sons, Bruno and Marcello, the Ceretto estate took a turn. In the 1960s, the two sons began to list and map the vineyards of the region and then gradually bought parcels of land. From the 1970s to the 1990s, the estate continued to grow, both in terms of the area under vine and the construction of several wine-making cellars.
Recognising the work undertaken for centuries in Burgundy, the two brothers decided to apply the same process to the management of the vineyard, the development of the crus and the potential of the terroirs. Today, this estate is still in the hands of the family, since Bruno and Marcello have been joined by their children, and is resolutely turned towards the future. Experience, transmission, passion, and respect for tradition and the land make this estate a sure bet in Piedmont.

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