Located in the town of Épernay, the Maison Bauget-Jouette has existed since 1822. Today, it is the fifth generation that runs this family estate on a human scale. Thanks to the numerous plots of land acquired over the centuries, the family now owns a veritable treasure trove of 13 hectares, spread over 37 parcels. The vintages owned by the Maison Bauget-Jouette are spread over the southern slopes of Épernay, in the Côte des Blancs and in the Marne Valley. The majority of the vines are Chardonnay, representing 50% of the surface area. Next comes Pinot Meunier with about 40% and Pinot Noir, 10%. The entire vinification process takes place in the historic cellars of the house in Épernay. These were dug into the chalky soil of the town to a depth of 27 metres, which allows the Bauget-Jouette family to have an ideal and constant temperature of 11°C for their wines. Today, this Champagne House produces several cuvées from brut to vintage, including rosé cuvées.

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