When Annamaria Clementi Zanella, Maurizio's mother, moved to Erbusco to set up a vineyard, the young boy was only 15 years old and discovered the beauty of the Franciacorta region. It became a passion of his life. But it was only after a trip to the Champagne region and visits to reputable estates that Maurizio returned with the unshakeable idea of creating something similar in Italy. From then on, what was originally just a property called "Ca' del Bosc", immersed in a chestnut wood, became one of the most modern and advanced vineyards in Italy. Since then, a unique principle has defined the essence of Ca' del Bosco: the search for excellence.

Since the 1970s, Ca'del Bosco has developed unique and legendary knowledge, combining tradition and innovation. Thanks to modern techniques and state-of-the-art tools, they have developed a unique and patented technique: the Ca'del Bosco Method. Cells for cooling and cleaning the grapes, handling in the absence of oxygen and without beating, "flying" tanks that allow gravity transfer, large underground stone cellars that allow optimal ageing, less sulphites, unique marking of the bottles, etc... This is how the wines of Ca' del Bosco are created. More elegant, healthier, more durable: more natural.

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