Founded in 1881, the Pio Cesare winery is the work of the eponymous Pio Cesare, one of the first producers to capitalise on the great potential and quality of wines such as Barolo, Barbaresco and Barbera, along with some other great Piedmontese wines.From the very beginning, this desire to grow local varieties went hand-in-hand with a philosophy dedicated to the terroir and the strictest quality standards for the wines he produced. It is this pioneering vision that has always led the five generations of the Pio Cesare family to produce its wines, with great devotion and according to the purest tradition, in the old winery located in the centre of the village of Alba, in the Piedmont region.

Spread over more than 125 acres, the vineyards are located on the most exposed and most highly-rated areas of the Barolo and Barbaresco territories. Each year, the production is deliberately limited so as to ensure that the quality of the wines is as high as possible, an approach that has been garnering them worldwide fame and top marks from the most influential tasters on the planet for decades.

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Wines from Pio Cesare