The story of the Librandi winery starts in the early 1950s in Cirò Marina, a small hamlet perched on the Calabrian coast near Punta Alica in the Gulf of Taranto.Now in the hands of the fourth generation of the family, Librandi has been able to evolve through the decades and adapt to the demands of modern winemaking, largely thanks to collaborations with Donato Lanati, professor of oenology at the universities of Turin and Florence.

A perfect example of the marriage of tradition and innovation in terms of processes, Librandi has managed to promote winegrowing in Calabria by planting local varieties, amongst others, such as Galioppo or Greco Bianco.The Librandi vineyards are currently spread over more than 570 acres around the town of Cirò Marina in an area which is particularly well-suited to growing grapes. Indeed, the mild seaside climate and mountain breeze make for an ideal microclimate and habitat, allowing for the production of quality wines in the image of the highly-awarded Gravello and Duca San Felice, which win 3 glasses in the famous Gambero Rosso guide almost every year.

Wines from Librandi