Aldo Rainoldi was formed in 1925 under the leadership of Giuseppe Rainoldi, who named the company in honour of his eponymous son. Located note far from Chiuro, in the province of Sondrio (Valtellina) in Lombardy, over the course of 100 years Aldo Rainoldi has become one of the very finest wine producers in the region. 

Grown on terraces in the heart of the mountainous Valtellina region over more than 22 acres on a steep south-facing slope, Rainoldi wines are largely produced using a Nebbiolo clone which is known locally as Chiavennasca.

With significant temperature differences between day and night, excellent sunshine and ideal organoleptic properties, Nebbiolo - grown on vines that are around 60 years old on average - here shows the full extent of its potential, as evidenced by the excellent Sfursat di Valtellina Ca’Rizzieri, of which practically every vintage made is awarded 3 glasses by the industry guide, Gambero Rosso.

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Wines from Rainoldi