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in the discovery wine box
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    Free Wine Tasting


    More than 80 wines available for tasting for free.

    Where and when? On November 29th (5pm-8pm) and November 30th (11am-4pm) at Salle Communale d'Echandens.

    Exceptional tasting with more than 80 wines from Italy and Spain available (detailed list on our event page).

    The tasting is free

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    Discover all wines of the Taurino winemaker, from Puglia

    Passion and craftmanship, mixed with modern technology, resulted in the high quality wines of Taurino, known and appreciated all over the world.

    Like with the famous Notarpanaro and Patriglione, Taurino expresses through his wines the quality and richness of the Puglia Terroir.

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